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Top of the Market - Largest 100 Premium Wine Brands

Cork Finished Wines Lead the Way in Expanding Premium Wine Sales

The Cork Quality Council has tracked wine sales by closure type for the Top 100 Premium Wine Brands since 2010. Nielsen Scanning Statistics through the 4-week period ending 6/18/2016 show that these brands have enjoyed a six-year 28% increase from 6/28/2010.

Sales by closure type shows a 42% increase for cork finished wines compared to a 13% increase for wines using alternative closures.

This study is focused on premium domestic table wine, which for this purpose, is defined as wines packaged in 750ml bottles priced at $6 and up. Overall survey results indicate that the number of top brands using cork closures is growing, and that brands finished with cork have enjoyed more robust sales growth than brands finished with alternatives closures.

Market Share
Over the past five years, market share for cork finished wines has climbed from 52% to 58% within the Top 100 Premium Brands. The market share for cork finished wines is considerably higher for brands not found in the Top 100 listing.

Pricing Comparisons 
Median price among the Top 100 Premium Brands was $13.56 for cork finished wines. This was $3.80 (+39%) higher than the median price of wines using alternative closures. During the 4-week period, the average price of cork finished wines was $11.56. Wines with alternative closures were $1.46 (-14%) lower.

Pricing by Segment
Cork finished wines topped all price segments, with particularly strong performance in all price segments above $10.  
Methodology - Brands selected are the top 100 Premium Brands are ranked by gross revenue from domestic 750ml table wine sales during the previous 12 months as reported by Nielsen Tracking Surveys for the U.S. Market. Premium Brands are defined as those averaging over $6 per bottle during the last 12 months. Closure assignments are provided by Vinostat on behalf of the Cork Quality Council.

Information provided by the Cork Quality Council
a non-profit association of selected US wine cork suppliers

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