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Domaine Laroche Changes from Screwcap to Cork

Now, Laroche's technical director, Gregory Viennois, has returned to cork closures for its Chablis.

"Oxygen is not a problem," Viennois says. "We need oxygen for a wine to be alive. But it's a question of the quantity of oxygen and when. I think with a good cork selection we have the right combination of oxygen and we have a slow evolution in the wines. I think that's why we like to open old bottles. We have a new combination of molecules and new aromas, and we have the incredible mystery and aging of fine wines."

Wine judges prefer cork closures at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair

This year’s competition included over 1,000 wines made from Sonoma County grapes.

Gold medals were awarded to 345 wines. Of gold medals awarded, 323 went to wines finished with cork (94%). The remaining 22 wines were finished in screwcap closures.

Do Cork Closures Protect Wines from Dimethyl Sulfide Aromas?

Do Cork Closures Protect Wines from Dimethyl Sulfide Aromas?
The results from two market surveys of commercial Sauvignon Blanc wines suggest that those bottled with a cork finish develop less DMS than adjacent wines finished with screw caps. This evidence suggests that a wine closure with higher oxygen permeability offers some protection against excessive formation of DMS after bottling.
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