Industry and Consumer Surveys

Consumer Attitudes of WIne Closures
Tragon Corporation - 10/2011

Summary: An update of research originally performed in 2004, this study tracks consumer attitudes towards their favorability to different closure types, their perceptions of quality and the appropriateness of use for different occasions.

Trade and Public Surveys Results
Sponsored by APCOR - Presented by – Paul Wagner, Balzac Communications

Summary : Paul Wagner reported the details of his survey of wine educators and sommeliers. Highlights were that these trade figures believe that the vast majority of consumers preferred natural cork to alternatives.

Consumer Attitudes Toward Natural Cork
Sponsored by Amorim Cork America, Cork Supply USA, Portocork America and a leading North American winery

Summary: This focus group survey was designed to identify the most desirable qualities of natural cork. Overall results indicate that consumers consider natural cork to be a welcome tradition that assists the proper aging of wine. Respondents considered "ease of extraction" to be the most important physical characteristic of a good cork.

Shipping Practices of California Wineries
Sponsored by CQC - Feb, 2007

Summary : The CQC conducted an informal internet survey to 100 responding wineries concerning storage conditions for their wine. Respondents were asked to estimate the aging time of their wine from release to final consumption. Wineries were also asked to describe the bottle orientation of their wines in storage and in shipping.