Non-Timber Forest Products


Non Timber Forest Products represent a group of important industries that promote sustainable environmental and economic development. Some NWFP are also important export commodities. At present, at least 150 NWFP are significant in terms of international trade, including honey, gum arabic, rattan, bamboo, cork, nuts, mushrooms, resins, essential oils, and plant and animal parts for pharmaceutical products.

Promotion of NTFP industries is one of the most important initiatives of the United Nations through the UN Forest Products Division - FAO. It has instituted a specific program - "Promotion and Development of Non-wood Forest Products (NWFP)" as one of its current priorities.

"The mission of the NWFP program is to improve the sustainable utilization of NWFP in order to contribute to the wise management of the world's forests, to conserve their biodiversity, and to improve income-generation and food security.