AWRI Closure Comparison at 18 Months

Excerpts from the AWRI Closure Report as seen in Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 7.64-05.2001

Summary : This presentation is a summary of data presented in graphical form from the oft-quoted AWRI Report on Wine Closures. Much of the data has been selectively reported by various manufacturers of alternative closures. In this display, all of the sensory results are reported together. At the 18-month point there appear to be several conclusions:

  • No single closure demonstrated completely satisfactory results.
  • Synthetic closures had significant issues related to off–aromas and oxidation.
  • Screwcaps had better results regarding oxidation but showed evidence of “glue–like” and “reduced” off–aromas.
  • Natural Cork had good marks regarding fruit retention and oxidation. Off–aroma issues were primarily related to TCA.