Bar Top Corks

A capped stopper is a cork stopper where the end is placed in a cap of wood, PVC, porcelain, metal, glass or other materials. The capped stopper is generally used with liqueur/fortified wines or spirits which are ready to drink when made available for sale in the market. The major examples are port, Madeira sherry, Calvados, muscatel from Setubal, and also whisky, vodka, cognac, armagnac, brandy, liqueurs, and clear spirits.

This stopper is very practical for bartenders and consumers, as it allows for easy reuse, an important factor for bottles whose content is not consumed in one sitting.

The most common formats on the market have the dimensions for the most commonly used sizes of bottles. Note that with this type of stopper, it is not necessary that for it to have a diameter of 6 mm more than the internal diameter of the bottle neck. In fact, 2 mm is sufficient without compromising good sealing to allow for easy reuse in the bottle.

Most common measurements:

27×20 mm 27×19,5 mm 27×18,5 mm 24×17 mm (20 cl bottles) 18×13,5 mm (miniature bottles)