Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stoppers

These are stoppers, as the name suggests, especially designed to close champagne, sparkling wines and cider. The Champagne stoppers are considered to be part of the family of technical stoppers, as these are produced from a body formed by agglomerated granules of cork, to which one, two or three discs of selected natural cork are attached to one of the ends.

Champagne cork stoppers have a larger diameter than average corks. Their larger diameter is essential for retaining the high internal pressures in wine bottles containing gas. To obtain the best chemical and physical performance, Champagne stoppers are subject to careful fabrication and a tight quality control.

Champagne stoppers come in alternative formats: 0+2 or 0+1, or just simple agglomerated or microgranules, without discs. Champagne corks on which discs are used basically fall into the following classes: Extra, Superior, 1st and 2nd, and are associated with the quality of the disc.