Agglomerated Stoppers

Cork stoppers manufactured entirely from cork granules derived from by-products resulting from the production of natural stoppers. Agglomerated stoppers may be fabricated by individual molding or by extrusion. The agglutinating substance used to bind the cork granulates in both of these methods is approved for use in materials that come into contact with foods.

Agglomerated stoppers are a cost-effective solution that ensure perfect sealing for a period that should not, in general, exceed 24 months. In addition to the economic advantage of lower priced wines and high turnover on the market, these stoppers also have the advantage of being completely homogenous within a batch. This product is the result of a highly industrialized process, and the categories are defined on the basis of the size of cork granule and final density of the product, whose characteristics are later adjusted with the surface treatment used.

Cork Quality Council requirements define cork stoppers to include a minimum of 75% natural cork material.  This requirements allows the stopper to display physical behavior consistent with natural cork stoppers.  Some unapproved agglomerated stoppers contain lower amounts of cork and must introduce plastic micro-spheres to provide resiliency.

They are basically made with the following measurements: